Warehousing & Shipping

Solving all warehousing and logistics challenges.

With more than 2,600,000 sq ft available, it allows us to stock over 2000+ items, while reserving plenty of space for customer property.

We understand that many of our customers do not have enough space to store their inventory. We can work with you to develop a warehousing plan to meet your company’s needs.

Delivered on time, every time.

Safety stock

A reliable logistics network allows us to deliver your unique glass bottles 24 hours a day.

Order efficiency

Well-established warehouse management system. Minimise your inventory investment

Perfect Technical Support

Accurate product quantity calculations and controlled delivery times.

Strong transport services

At Supply Chain Sustainability, we know that receiving your products on time can have a significant impact on your business operations. As your partner, we are committed to fully understanding your specific requirements and challenges


We have a specialised quality control department to ensure the quality of the products we supply.

Expedited services

For products that are delivered in a hurry. According to our huge production line, timely completion