Starting a new design

Starting a new design

Your brand on beautiful glass

The global “craft” trend is expanding rapidly through the spiritual marketplace. “Craft” describes a real consumer trend. Customized wine bottles are distinctive, unique and magnificent through the art of glass. Choose the right partner to start your new glass bottle design!

At LONGGLORY we will follow you through the entire process of turning ideas into reality! If you are interested in developing your own bottle, please contact our design team!

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Four Steps to Creating Glass

Step by step manufacturing of your customized glass bottles.

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1. Design

Based on your design or with the help of our graphics and branding team, we will decorate and label your packaging for a truly special presentation.

2. Mold

Next, according to the drawings of the customized bottles are handed over to our engineers in the mold shop for elaborate production, we have advanced machines as well as professional hand polishing techniques

3. Trialling

This step is the stage where samples are produced to ensure that your bottles are made to perfection! We will mail 5-10 samples for you to test each side and curve!

4. Production

Once you have confirmed that the sample has no problems meeting your requirements. Your glass bottles will start to be mass produced. The bottles will go through the molding and annealing process.