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We are committed to providing excellent value and focus on providing high quality custom glass bottle manufacturing services in China. Whether you are a company looking for quality packaging solutions or an individual looking to enter the China market, we can provide cost-effective options to meet your needs.

For Everyone: Long Glory Glass is dedicated to enabling companies and individuals with no experience in the China market to enter the market. We simplify the entire process, guiding you through each step and providing full support during the process. Our team has extensive knowledge of glass bottle manufacturing in China. We use our expertise to provide innovative solutions, personalized service and timely delivery.

Our Innovations

Our Innovations

New Efficient Solutions

A wide range of customization options for your unique glass bottles: glass color (20 colors, or create your own), size, shape (personalization), glass bottle effects (various processes) to build your brand and better offer

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How do you imagine your bottle style? From idea, design, drawing, material selection and production process, we will follow up every step of the way

We have many standard bottle collections in our catalog, which can provide a lot of inspiration, and existing molds, which can increase the speed of delivery


If you have any questions, you can see the solutions below or contact us

How is the glass quality of your bottles?

We have more than a decade of experience producing a range of proven glass quality options. Plain flint glass is slightly gray or green in color. This is the most common type of translucent glass. Higher quality flint glass has better clarity but is therefore more expensive. Ultra-premium “Super Flint” has the highest quality and clarity and is therefore the most expensive, but Super Flint is the standard glass for making bottles of premium spirits (especially vodka).

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

For custom Super Flint bottles, the minimum order quantity required is one full 40′ HC or 20′ HC container. For custom standard flint bottles, the minimum order quantity required is one full 40′ HC container. The actual quantity per container depends on the size of the bottle and how it is packaged.

Is it possible to order custom bottle samples?

We can make samples, but doing so will require an investment of about $2000. This includes the cost of bottle molds and prototyping. After confirming the quality of the sample, you can immediately proceed with the production of a large order

Approximately how many bottles can be filled with 40HC?

A symmetrical 750ml bottle can hold approximately 24K if packaged in a finished box, and approximately 27K if packaged in bulk. an irregularly shaped 750ml bottle can usually only hold approximately 20K if packaged in a box. if we order a full container, do we have the option to split the shipment and keep the rest of the inventory for later use? Yes. The minimum order quantity is the minimum we must order from the factory. We do not need to ship all at once.

How long does it take for the first order (custom bottles)?

If the process goes well, you can expect to receive the bottle within 4 months of development. The breakdown is as follows: Samples typically take 3-4 weeks from ordering the tooling. If mold modifications are required, you may need an additional 2-4 weeks to obtain a new sample each time a change is made, depending on how busy the factory is. Once samples are approved, it takes 3-4 weeks to complete a full set of production moulds. Mass production currently takes about 1 month on average. Shipping takes an average of 1-1.5 months.

What bottle caps are available?

Wide range of closures available: metal, plastic, cork (synthetic or natural), etc. We can purchase any kind of bottle cap you may need and customize it according to your requirements